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Announcing Integration Connector & new filters in Juriba Platform 5.11

Announcing Integration Connector & new filters in Juriba Platform 5.11

Juriba Platform 5.11 has been released. This update introduces Juriba's Integration Connector (IC), a new way to integrate external systems with Juriba, plus a highly requested improvement to list filtering.

What is an Integration Connector?

Integration Connector (IC) enables organizations to integrate Juriba with existing systems so they can consolidate, compare, and validate data across multiple systems. IC currently supports integrations with Microsoft Configuration Manager and Active Directory, and many more integrations will be added in the future.

The IC service runs within your internal network, acting as a proxy to securely transmit data from your management systems to your Juriba deployment—whether it's a SaaS or on-premise deployment.

The full release notes explain the benefits of Integration Connector and what this means for customers with existing integrations. And let us know which integrations you would like to see prioritized.

Introducing a new "Paste Into List" filter

List filtering in Juriba is a powerful tool for analyzing and querying your data. Many customers have asked for a way to paste a list of strings (hostnames, serial numbers, usernames, email addresses, etc) directly into a filter from Excel or some other source.

Juriba's New Paste Into List Filter

In the 5.11 release, this is now possible. You can copy and paste a list of strings into a text filter, selecting whether the string is split by comma, new line, or semi-colon.

What's next?

Coming in version 5.12

  • Project Admin pages for Stages and Tasks are getting a new look in our modern UI
  • A new Run Now option for data imports using Integration Connector will allow jobs to be triggered ad-hoc
  • Device, User, Application, and Mailbox lists will be enhanced with new filters and columns for Import ID and Unique Identifier
  • Components that require .NET 6 will be upgraded to use .NET 8 - .NET 8 will be a new pre-requisite for this release

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