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Posts written by Neil Wheeler

Meet Neil, the Head of Product for the Juriba Platform. With a passion for product strategy, he thrives at the crossroads of business value, customer needs, and user experience. Before diving into Product Management, Neil led numerous successful implementations of the Juriba Platform as a Solution Architect, always championing for the customer's best interests.

Announcing Integration Connector & new filters in Juriba Platform 5.11

Juriba Platform 5.11 has been released. This update introduces Juriba's Integration Connector (IC), a new way to integrate external systems with Juriba, plus a highly requested improvement to list ...

Neil Wheeler

Juriba's commitment to accessibility: enhancing digital inclusion

In an era where digital inclusion is paramount, accessibility is no longer just a consideration but a crucial aspect for businesses aiming to meet Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) obligations. ...

Neil Wheeler

Drastically accelerate your device refresh with these 2 strategic & 2 practical ways

As large organizations are preparing for Windows 11 and are moving increasingly towards Evergreen IT Management, many questions arise on how to streamline and accelerate the process. Now that most ...

Neil Wheeler

Introducing Juriba Dashworks Cloud

The first quarter of 2022 has been a very busy one for us at Juriba. Not only did we officially launch the Windows 11 Assessment Service on February 23rd, but we are also thrilled to announce that, ...

Neil Wheeler

In-place, wipe & load, or hardware refresh: how windows 11 hardware requirements will determine your migration strategy

Ever since the announcement of Windows 11, there is a lot of talk about the new hardware requirements Microsoft's new operating system needs. Right off the bat, a lot of IT professionals balked at ...

Neil Wheeler
Office 365 Migration 2-Click Process With Dashworks

How To Make Complex O365 Migrations A Simple 2-Click Process

There is no doubt that Microsoft 365 (M365) is one of the biggest drivers for revenue and new business at the moment for Microsoft. Due to the pandemic and the shift to remote work, Microsoft Teams ...

Neil Wheeler

How We Mathematically Calculate Deployment Rings For Maximum Velocity

A few years back, a tech consultant won a few eBay auctions he was bidding on and found himself the owner of 2 tons of LEGO pieces overnight. He developed and built a GPU-based neural network to ...

Neil Wheeler