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BGF Invests In Juriba To Accelerate Company Growth

Juriba is delighted to announce that BGF (@BGFinvestments), the UK and Ireland’s most active investor in growth businesses, has decided to invest in the company to fuel accelerated product development and drive international scale.

Juriba was created in 2008 and is led by Barry Angell, Julia Bell and Iain Fraser, The company is a fast-growth technology business that specializes in digital transformation software, providing innovative solutions for medium-sized to large corporations and multinational organisations,

Dashworks is Juriba's masterwork thus far, delivering a project 'command and control' platform for enterprises to efficiently manage end-user IT transformation and Evergreen IT projects with greater accuracy and speed, at a reduced cost. It is revolutionizing the way organizations manage the constant pace of change driven by Microsoft and other vendors in the new 'as-a-service' world.

With operations in both the UK and USA, Juriba is a global business that will use this new investment to support growth, make strategic acquisitions and further develop the capabilities of the Dashworks product in order to increase its market share, both in EMEA, the USA and the rest of the world. Expansion of the use cases for Dashworks will be a key priority as the company expands further into end-user technology, but also other technology areas such as data center, cloud migration and IOT.

As part of the investment, Juriba has appointed Stella Donoghue, former MD of Phlexglobal, as non-executive Chair. Stella brings with her a wealth of experience in both leading and supporting companies similar to Juriba. Her role of NXC is to be a trusted advisor to the board, and guide the company’s strategy.

Rahul Satangi from BGF will also join the board of directors, providing oversight for the business whilst helping to leverage BGF's extensive portfolio of companies and resources to help drive growth.

BGF has a strong track record of investing in the IT and software sector, recently announcing investments into software developer and digital transformation specialist Amdaris, Irish cyber-security business, Edgescan and digital delivery technology company, AND Digital, all within the first half of 2020.

Iain Fraser, Chief Sales Officer of Juriba, said: “We are pleased to announce our new partnership with BGF to fuel further growth and international expansion. This is an exciting time for Juriba as we make further inroads into the US market and we are looking forward to working with the team at BGF in achieving the ambitions of the business and in continuing to scale.

“BGF’s patient approach and strong record in supporting businesses in the IT and Software sector makes them a perfect partner for Juriba as the business moves forwards.”

Rahul Satsangi, Investor at BGF said:

“We are delighted to have completed this investment and to welcome Juriba into the BGF portfolio. More than ever, the UK is looking to innovation in the IT space to support with innovative enterprise solutions and to deliver an accelerated pace of digital transformation across the economy, and Juriba is at the forefront of this opportunity.

This is an exciting time for the business as it looks to potential acquisitions and the US to fuel further growth. Juriba has a dedicated leadership team with a strong performance history and we are delighted to be supporting the business in its next stage.“

The investment was led by BGF’s Rahul Satsangi, Chris Jones and Chris Morgan.

This is an extremely exciting time of transition and growth for Juriba and the evolution of the IT space as a whole, an investment like this is a huge symbol of positive and innovative things to come.

About BGF: 

  • BGF was set up in 2011 and has invested more than £2.2bn in over 330 companies, making it the most active investor in the UK. 
  • BGF is a minority, non-controlling equity partner with a patient outlook on investments, based on shared long-term goals with the management teams it backs.
  • BGF invests in growing businesses in the UK and Ireland through its network of 16 offices.  

You can read the official press release here.

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