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Announcing The Juriba Training Academy

At Juriba, we believe all our customers deserve access to valuable and free education on our products.

That's why today, we're excited to announce our new Juriba Training Academy: a place for learning all things Dashworks.

The new Juriba Training Academy is a resource to help you quickly understand all aspects of our Dashworks software platform, whether you are implementing the solution, configuring workflows or scheduling users for migration. Whichever path you choose, the Juriba Training Academy an intuitive and powerful place to learn.

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Getting Started

Here's what you need to know about our new Juriba Training Academy.

Select The Right Course For Your Role.

We have created four courses to cover the different user roles that interact with the system.

  • Dashworks Overview Presentation and Demonstration Course 
  • Dashworks Implementation Course 
  • Dashworks Project Administration Course
  • Dashworks Analyst Course 

You can find more information about each course in our training brochure here.

Users can track their training progress through the intuitive user dashboard that shows the courses that you have signed up for, the ones you have started and your progress as a percentage.

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Self-paced Learning

The training experience is aligned with how our users consume the course content. The main screen in the center puts the focus on the class video and allows users to minimize or maximize the screen to easily remove distractions.

Course player

Also, the course videos are visible and easily accessible on the left, so the learner can see exactly what's coming up next and see their location in the overall curriculum.

Getting Access

Please request your user login directly from the course catalogue. Once your application is approved by our training team, you will receive a password setup email followed by another email containing your course link. Users will need to sign up for each course separately as each follows its own approval trail.

The Present and Future of Learning Dashworks 

Our goal is to help people have a positive impact on their enterprise and provide support during complex IT migration or Evergreen IT projects. Whether this is the first step in your journey to becoming a Dashworks expert, or if you’re a veteran of Dashworks, now is the time to learn and demonstrate your proficiency on all things Dashworks.