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Posts about OS Migration & Lifecycle Management

Windows 11 laptop

The 14 steps to planning your Windows 11 migration

Download the Windows 11 project plan Many large organizations encountered difficulties when transitioning their users to Windows 10, leading to the abandonment of biannual upgrade plans. As a result, ...

Barry Angell

Hardware Lifecycle Template: Delivering your device refresh faster, cheaper, and more efficiently

Moving away from spreadsheets and disparate processes for your device refreshes can be a daunting task. The Hardware Lifecycle Template has been built to help you quickly and seamlessly move into an ...

Graham Minshull

Windows 11 hardware readiness: How you compare to the world’s leading enterprises

Although migrating to Windows 11 from Windows 10 isn't going to be much different than upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 10, there is one snag that could hold a lot of organizations back longer ...

John Garner

Microsoft, Nexthink, Rimo3: Windows 11 Assessment Service options in comparison

With Windows 11 offering improved security, performance, and reliability, as well as the looming as the end-of-life date for Windows 10, October 14th, 2025, many organizations are seriously ...

Barry Angell

Windows 11 Enterprise Vs. Professional [A Comparison]

The Windows 11 Operating System is the latest in Microsoft’s line of products and is designed to provide a powerful and secure platform for businesses. However, when choosing between Windows 11 ...

Barry Angell
Which Should You Upgrade To: Windows 11 Or Windows 10 22H2?

Which Should You Upgrade To: Windows 11 Or Windows 10 22H2?

According to a Juriba survey, only 13% of respondents are in the process of starting or will start their Windows 11 migration this year, while 38% of organizations will start their move to the next ...

Barry Angell

New Project Template drastically accelerates Windows 11 by intelligently optimizing migration paths

One of the hardest things to deal with when managing a large Enterprise IT Transformation project, such as a Windows 11 migration and (soon after) the management of subsequent upgrades, is that a) ...

Barry Angell

Juriba Interview Series #2: Daniel Engberg: Why Agile Methodologies Are The Key To Driving Evergreen IT

This blog post is part of an ongoing Expert Interview Series in which we interview knowledgeable industry veterans on the topics of Evergreen IT, Workplace Automation, and Digital End User ...

Barry Angell
Juriba Blog Microsoft Intune

Spotlight on Microsoft Intune: A Modern Desktop Reality vs Hype

Microsoft Intune promises to simplify Modern Workplace management by enabling users to securely work on their device and applications of choice, with a service delivered entirely from the cloud. ...

Julia Bell
Juriba Interview Series #1

Juriba Interview Series #1: Arun Bhardwaj on Windows 11 Adoption

Windows 11 and other modern technologies such as Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Microsoft Intune are changing the landscape for every application packaging team, placing application management and ...

Mahesh Siddamsetty
Rise of Microsoft Intune

The Rise and Rise of Microsoft Intune: Driving The Modern Workspace

The End User IT landscape has become increasingly complex, with many management tooling options for managing devices, workstations, mobile systems, people, and processes in the Modern Workplace. One ...

Julia Bell
Will Modern Desktop Drive App Modernisation & MSIX Adoption

Will Modern Desktop Drive Application Packaging & MSIX Adoption?

Windows 11, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and Microsoft Intune are new technologies changing the landscape for every application packaging team, placing application management and modernization at the ...

Julia Bell