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Posts about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Impact Of Windows Virtual Desktop On Your Application Management Strategy

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a super hot topic with our customers right now as it promises to enable Work-From-Anywhere strategies securely and productively while drastically reducing the ...

Barry Angell
Windows Virtual Desktop drastically reduces IT maintenance and cost.

What Heads Of Workplace Needs To Know About Windows Virtual Desktop

To many, Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is still a mystery. Although it has been around since 2019 and demand for it increased drastically over the last year when employees suddenly found ...

Barry Angell

Sorry, Microsoft's Cloud PC Won't Solve Your Constant Upgrade Problem

In early June of last year, on their public career page, Microsoft posted a job opening for a program manager for their Microsoft Cloud PC team. In the post, Microsoft gave few details and simply ...

Barry Angell

DaaS - We've Had Desktop, But How About Device As A Service?

In the last few years, enterprise IT departments have faced a unique set of challenges: On the one hand, they have morphed from a supporting entity to a business enabler, and are maintaining ...

Barry Angell

Why Now Is The Right Time To (Re-)Consider Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

A few weeks ago, we spoke about the Digital Workplace and how it came a long way from being an abstract concept that a lot of companies saw value in, but did not have the technology to support their ...

Barry Angell

3 Millennials-Related Considerations To Take Into Account Regarding Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

As more and more enterprises are starting to embrace Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to save costs, tighten security and improve manageability and compliance as well as give their employees more ...

Barry Angell