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application owner, compatibility and testing

Application owner challenges: compatibility and testing

Windows compatibility is less of a concern these days, but ensuring compatibility with not just the operating system but the other applications in the enterprise remains a challenge that requires ...

Bob Kelly

Juriba App Owner: explained

Take an innovative approach to application packaging and testing, starting with the tools to ensure an effective application owner program, and then by empowering application owners to initiate ...

Bob Kelly
Application Owner focus on security and compliance

Application owner challenges: security and compliance concerns

One of the chief benefits of an application owner program is to address security updates proactively. Rather than reactively detecting and prioritizing updates based on security scans for known ...

Bob Kelly
Application Owners must keep up with rapid change

Application owner challenges: keeping pace with rapid change

In today's fast-paced application landscape, Application Owners face the daunting task of staying abreast of frequent updates. With some applications rolling out updates and new features multiple ...

Bob Kelly

Application owner challenges: resource allocation and expertise

This is the first in a group of four articles detailing common application owner program challenges to understand and overcome.

Bob Kelly

Application owner: levels of responsibility

Application owner sounds like a pretty important role—and in many organizations, it is. However, the responsibilities of an application owner vary significantly, with a range of responsibilities that ...

Bob Kelly
application owner challenges

Application owner program challenges to understand and overcome

Despite its widespread adoption as a positive benefit to enterprise organizations, there are many challenges that application owner programs face. In a series of articles, I will outline some of ...

Bob Kelly

Application owner program goals

There are many challenges around application management in the enterprise that can be attacked in many ways. An Application Owner program gets its tentacles into addressing many of them, but it is ...

Bob Kelly

Application owner guidance: how to determine if you are on the latest version

If you are an application owner, especially if you are 'non-technical', determining if the applications you have been asked to keep an eye on are on the latest version isn't always straight forward. ...

Bob Kelly