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What Is The Difference Between The Office 365 Enterprise Plans?

Last month we wrote a detailed post about the different update channels to choose from for Microsoft 365 (Office 365 ProPlus) based on your organization's needs, as well as the name changes that have ...

Barry Angell
Office 365 Migration 2-Click Process With Dashworks

How To Make Complex O365 Migrations A Simple 2-Click Process

There is no doubt that Microsoft 365 (M365) is one of the biggest drivers for revenue and new business at the moment for Microsoft. Due to the pandemic and the shift to remote work, Microsoft Teams ...

Neil Wheeler

Microsoft's Readiness Toolkit for Office Add-Ins and VBA Macros

Office 365, Microsoft's SaaS version of its Office Suite, has grown even more popular in recent months. Organizations, especially those that have already moved over to Windows 10, are starting or ...

Barry Angell

10 Steps For A Successful Windows 10 or Office 365 Migration Using A Service Integrator

Last week, we spoke about how to negotiate a successful Windows 10 or Office 365 migration deal with a service integrator. But what happens once the contracts are signed? Should you sit back and let ...

Barry Angell

How To Manage Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus Servicing: A Data Model

Over the past few years, we have seen our fair share of failed and dangerously inefficient enterprise attempts to keep Windows 10 and Office 365 Servicing up-to-date. Often, the organization took ...

Barry Angell

Office 2019: Is Now The Right Time To Upgrade Your On-Premise Office Estate To Office 365 ProPlus?

If you recently tried to find anything on Microsoft Office — for example on the enterprise section of Office.com — you might have noticed that there isn't much mention of Microsoft's on-premise ...

Barry Angell

How To Streamline Your Office 365 Migration / Update Rollout In 7 Steps With Juriba Dashworks

Rolling out Office 365 can be very exciting considering the value it will add to your organization in terms of unified communication, collaboration, and business processes! But it can be equally ...

Barry Angell
How To Negotiate A Windows 10 Or Office 365 Migration Deal With Your System Integrator

How To Negotiate A Windows 10 Or Office 365 Migration Deal With Your System Integrator

On January 14th, 2020, the extended support for Windows 7 ends, which means that enterprises have about 26 months to fully roll out Windows 10. Similarly, Microsoft expects that at least two-thirds ...

Barry Angell

Understanding The Office 365 Servicing Timeline (As of May 2021)

NOTE: Since Office 365 has undergone significant changes by Microsoft in it's naming convention and update channels, we will no longer be updating this post, as we have created a new post detailing ...

Barry Angell

How To Accelerate Your Enterprise Office 365 Migration With Microsoft FastTrack

If you are in the process of purchasing — or you have just purchased — an Office 365 subscription for your enterprise organization, you are probably already fretting about how you will handle this ...

Barry Angell

The Basics of Planning an Enterprise Office 365 Migration

There is no question that Office 365 is taking the productivity world by storm. According to a new study by Bitglass that scanned the cloud environment of more than 120,000 companies, 59% of ...

Barry Angell

Which Office 365 Service Is Right For Your Business?

Choosing the right Office 365 offering for your business can be confusing.

Barry Angell