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Three ways to make enterprise digital transformation a breeze using Juriba Plaftorm Task features

Three ways to make enterprise digital transformation a breeze using Juriba Plaftorm Task features

Today's digital transformation efforts are a source of stress for many digital workplace leaders. The sheer volume of applications and devices that need to be tracked and updated can quickly become overwhelming, especially when dealing with tens of thousands across multiple locations.

Traditional tools often fall short because they don't have the full picture, or data quickly becomes outdated, leading to fragmented processes, missed deadlines, disrupted operations, and frustrated users. Success means not only completing the transformation but doing it in a way that keeps everything running smoothly and users happy.

Here are three ways that Juriba Platform Task features take away the stress of digital transformations.

1 - Tracking readiness


Managing a digital transformation requires tracking the readiness and status of each device or application down to the macro level. This can be a daunting task with tens of thousands of devices to track.

Juriba Platform's Task features simplify this process. It allows you to record and track migration readiness and planning activities, such as the scheduled migration date. Even better, with automation, the scheduled migration date can be set automatically once all readiness tasks are complete.

These Tasks can be added to Dashboards, providing a high-level overview of the project's progress, or viewed at the individual device or application level, pinpointing exactly which task is blocking migration readiness.

2 - Triggering end-user communications

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Effective end-user engagement is crucial to the success of any digital transformation initiative. Informing end-users of upcoming changes in an engaging and timely manner can turn a potentially frustrating experience into a positive one. However, it is a significant challenge to manage communications for tens of thousands of users, especially when they need to be tailored to the migration path, timeline, and in multiple languages.

The Task feature in Juriba Platform addresses this by automating email notifications, triggered by specific conditions such as a certain number of days before an event or a specific type of migration. This ensures users are well-informed and engaged throughout the process. 

3 - Engaging end-users with Self-Service Tasks

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Today's users expect the convenience and flexibility of next-day or same-day delivery, even in a digital transformation. However, managing the expectations of tens of thousands of users is no small feat. 
That's where Self-Service Tasks in Juriba Platform can help. Tasks can be used as questions added to a self-service portal offering users options such as whether their replacement laptop should be delivered to an office, shipped to their home, or whether they are happy to set up the new device themselves or would prefer support from IT.
What's more, planning tasks combined with capacity management features mean that you can offer end-users the choice of migration options that work for their schedule, minimizing downtime and maximizing satisfaction.

Streamlined stage and task management

With version 5.12 of Juriba Platform, managing stages and tasks is simpler and faster than ever. A new task creation wizard and revamped stage and task admin pages streamline the whole process. You can easily access the new stages and tasks pages from the Admin section for each project.

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Here are some key highlights and advantages of the new pages:

  • Create Task Wizard
    This new wizard guides you through the task creation process, streamlining the task setup, especially for specialized tasks like Project Status and Communication Settings tasks. It allows complete task definition, including values, email notifications, and translations, enabling tasks to be created and activated in a single step.

  • Self Service Tasks
    When viewing an existing task, a new Self-Service tab is available, providing a quick overview of which Self-Service utilizes that specific task. The listed self-services are clickable links that directly lead you to the self-service builder.

  • Deleting Stages and Tasks
    Deleting stages and tasks may sometimes be necessary, but it can have significant implications if done by mistake. To assist in making the correct choices, we have added additional controls and messages. For instance, a stage cannot be deleted if it contains tasks, and deleting an active task will prompt a warning about the potential consequences.

  • Sending Test Email Notifications
    Email notifications can be added to any task that has a date. To ensure the email template appears as expected, you can send a test email directly from the task's email notification page. Select the cog icon next to the email notification and choose Test email.

Additionally, our updated documentation for stages and tasks now explains key task features such as Project Status Tasks, Communication Settings Tasks, and the relationship between Tasks and Paths. Explore the new documentation here.

By leveraging these advanced features in Juriba Platform, digital workplace and EUC leaders can ensure their enterprise digital transformations are efficient, effective, and smooth, ultimately leading to a successful transition.

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