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Juriba Officially Launches The Windows 11 Assessment Service

Finally, the day that many of us here at Juriba were waiting for arrived: February 23rd, 2022, the official launch of the Windows 11 Assessment Service! During the launch event, a webinar hosted by David Higginbotham, John Garner, and myself, we discussed the top challenges that organizations face when moving to Windows 11, the methods available to you to analyze your hardware and software compatibility, and how Juriba's Windows 11 Assessment Service can help you accelerate the process. Today, I want to take the opportunity to share the recording with you and summarize the most important announcements. 

Windows 11 Assessment Service Webinar Roundup

But before we go into details, you might be asking yourself: What is the Windows 11 Assessment Service? It is a low-cost, fixed-price service offered by Juriba that is suitable for enterprises, medium-to-large organizations, service providers, as well as Juriba partners, and builds on the exceptional success of our assessment service for Windows 10. It is not only the fastest way to determine your hardware and software readiness for Windows 11, but also is an assessment you can put into action right away.  


Because we have, at length, discussed why your Windows 11 migration will be different from moving to Windows 10, what hardware requirements you will have to meet and how this will impact your Windows 11 migration methodology, why we decided to offer the Windows 11 Assessment Service, and how you can accelerate your Windows 11 migration rollouts with Dashworks and AppM, I won't take you through the challenges you will be facing in detail, but it is important to know that managing hardware refresh cycles (due to the stringent hardware requirements) and testing business critical applications will be crucial. 

How can the assessment service help? Since one size never truly fits all, we tailored our service offering into four distinct levels: 

  • The Bronze level is essentially a hardware assessment that takes a feed from your existing inventory system and compares it to the Windows 11 hardware requirements data held in Dashworks. This service is free for all existing Juriba customers!
  • The Silver and Gold levels offer application testing for 25 or 50 (respectively) business-critical applications, as well as repackaging (e.g., into MSIX or IntuneWin32) of 10 apps for the Gold level in addition to the hardware assessment included in the Bronze level.
  • The Platinum level includes an organizational information layer that allows us to provide you a full and comprehensive picture, including information such as what your budget for the department X hardware replacement program should look like. In addition, this level also tests and repackages more apps, and it includes more migrations.

Juriba-Officially-Launches-The-Windows-11-Assessment-Service (1)

The pricing above is for the fully Juriba managed service. Trained delivery partners can benefit from a lower price with the appropriate resource certifications on self-delivery.

All service levels include Juriba's best practice Windows 11 Microsoft Project Template, a 30-day license for Dashworks, and some actual migrations to help your Windows 11 project get started as quickly as possible. We are excited to extend a 30% discount to every launch webinar registrant (valid for three months until May 23rd, 2022).

Finally, I am so happy to say that 154 trees will be planted as part of our new wildlife habitat and corridor restoration partnership with One Tree Planted and the Jane Goodall Institute, two organizations that help restore forests in the Albertine Rift in Uganda. 

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