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Posts written by Barry Angell

Barry is a co-founder of Juriba, where he works as CEO to drive the company strategy. He is an experienced End User Services executive that has helped manage thousands of users, computers, applications and mailboxes to their next IT platform. He has saved millions of dollars for internal departments and customers alike through product, project, process and service delivery efficiency.

The impact of lost or missing devices on enterprises

Did you know that, according to an Intel and Ponemon Institute survey, an organization will lose on average 265 laptops per year, but typically only recover 12? In addition to that Gartner estimates ...

Barry Angell
Device Reclamation

Benefits & challenges of device reclamation: recovering lost or missing devices

Did you know that according to Gartner, "about 30% of enterprise IT hardware may be lost, missing, or 'inactive' in enterprise environments today, which happens at any stage of the lifecycle — from ...

Barry Angell
Ghosted devices stack in a filing cabinet

What are inactive or "ghosted" devices and why should you care?

With up to 76% of all full-time workers being knowledge workers, organizations rely heavily on employee devices such as laptops, PCs, and mobile phones to conduct business and store sensitive data. ...

Barry Angell

Introducing the Digital Workplace Operational Assessment

Digital workplace management is crucial for achieving CIO and overall business objectives, but is a significant cost to any business, which needs to be justified and show a measurable ROI. ...

Barry Angell

The key to long-term digital workplace success: executive management support

In a 2023 Gartner Survey, 27 % of CIOs and other technology executives identified "ensuring that business leaders understand the possibilities" as their #1 struggle while developing a vision for ...

Barry Angell

2 tools to assess and benchmark digital workplace maturity and operational efficiency 

Digital workplace management has been a hot topic since the introduction of Windows 10 in 2015, but in the last 12 months, interest in digital workplace programs has risen significantly.

Barry Angell
Definition Digital Workplace

What is a Digital Workplace? [Definition]

The Digital Workplace is transforming the way we work. It is an ever-evolving ecosystem of workplace technologies that enables us to communicate, collaborate, and manage content and knowledge more ...

Barry Angell
Windows 11 laptop

The 14 steps to planning your Windows 11 migration

Download the Windows 11 project plan Many large organizations encountered difficulties when transitioning their users to Windows 10, leading to the abandonment of biannual upgrade plans. As a result, ...

Barry Angell

Microsoft, Nexthink, Rimo3: Windows 11 Assessment Service options in comparison

With Windows 11 offering improved security, performance, and reliability, as well as the looming as the end-of-life date for Windows 10, October 14th, 2025, many organizations are seriously ...

Barry Angell

Top 5 takeaways from the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

This week, Julia Bell and I attended the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London. The conference brings together IT executives, Digital Workplace leaders, architects, application leaders, and I/O ...

Barry Angell

What to expect when adopting a Digital Platform Conductor as an early adopter

Are you considering a Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) for your organization, but you aren't sure if it pays off to be an early adopter this early in the game? Or have you decided to go for it, but ...

Barry Angell

Juriba evolves from Workplace Automation to Digital Platform Conductor for the Workplace

Over the past few years, the way organizations manage IT has drastically changed, and so has Juriba. Always a step ahead of the market, Juriba has transformed from an IT Transformation management ...

Barry Angell