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Saying “Goodbye” To Application Migration

Let me start by explaining that I have spent a significant part of my career in the application packaging space, and currently work for a company called Revacom who are an application packaging ...


How Dashworks Can Help You Save License Costs

Software migration projects, such as operating system upgrades, are often called "IT transformation projects" because they provide a unique opportunity to "transform" or streamline much more than ...

Barry Angell

WARNING: Application Rationalization Is Not As Hard As You Think

By Brian Weerdenburg, Director, Sales Engineering, Futurestate IT Brian Weerdenburg is a guest blogger from our friends, Futurestate IT. Futurestate IT offers AppRx, the automated SaaS-based ...

Barry Angell

Common Patterns In Windows XP Application Rationalisation

It's time to solve the application rationalisation problem. When you have been involved in as many enterprise desktop migrations as we have at Juriba in the past few years, you start to see certain ...

Barry Angell

The Problem of Application Rationalisation

Application rationalisation: just like high school sex. I was reading the other day on brianmadden.com how VDI was just like high school sex. You think everyone else is doing it (even though they are ...

Barry Angell

Guest Blog: Don’t Let Application Readiness Fail Your Corporate Desktop Migration

By David Butler-McAllister David Butler-McAllister worked as a senior technical director of a very large investment bank before becoming co-founder and COO of Vappour Ltd - a new startup to tackle ...

Barry Angell

Desktop Transformation – Top 10 Lessons From The Field

It's time to get the ball rolling with desktop transformation - here's 10 tips to get you started

Barry Angell

What is the greatest hindrance to enterprise Windows 7 readiness?

Application readiness is the biggest blocker to full enterprise Windows 7 rollouts, say 55% of desktop professionals

Barry Angell

The Top 7 Desktop Migration Challenges of 2012: What Do They Mean For Your Business?

Juriba’s top 7 challenges that you are likely to face in achieving enterprise Windows 7 readiness

Barry Angell

Application discovery & rationalisation - the drivers of desktop transformation acceleration?

36% of desktop professionals believe application discovery & rationalisation best accelerates desktop transformation projects.

Barry Angell

Windows 7 - Is There A Silver Bullet To The Applications Problem?

How to combat the challenge of application rationalisation to deliver enterprise Windows 7 migration

Barry Angell