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Metamorphosis: Juriba’s Coming of Age

Juriba recently celebrated its 15th birthday. Our founders, coming out of JP Morgan at the time recognized that there was a significant gap in the way automation could improve the processes of End User Compute and Digital Workplace management and solve the challenges that existed at that time and still do to this day.  

Built on strong foundations, Juriba's success as a project management software solutions provider in this space has laid a strong foundation for its transition.  

Fast forward to today and like most software companies, Juriba recognizes that change is inevitable in the fast-paced world of technology. Companies that can adapt and evolve are the ones that thrive. Initially, Juriba’s stack was built around project-based initiatives such as the migration of enterprise email to the cloud, OS migrations such as Windows 7 to Windows 10, VDI migrations, and many more. 

Shift from project-based solutions to becoming a complete Digital Workplace management platform

Having not just survived but thrived for 15 years in the industry, it has been undergoing a remarkable transformation, shifting its focus from project-based solutions to becoming a complete Digital Workplace management platform. This metamorphosis and coming of age marks a significant milestone in Juriba's journey of innovation around customer needs and growth. 

To that point, Gartner has recently introduced the term Digital Platform Conductor to describe tools that enable I&O leaders to strategically manage across their infrastructure, regardless of the environment of location. Juriba is the only DPC specifically designed for the Digital Workplace, enabling EUC and Digital Workplace leaders to see what hybrid infrastructure they have and make sure it delivers value.  

Juriba's decision to shift its focus stems from the recognition of the ever-changing landscape of technology and the evolving needs of Digital Workplace leaders. While project management remains a crucial aspect, Juriba has realized the importance of providing continuous endpoint engineering solutions that enable businesses to navigate, monitor, and manage the lifecycle of their digital transformation effortlessly.  

The company's deep understanding of IT change management, coupled with its commitment to delivering exceptional results, positions it as a trusted partner for many large System Integrators such as Atos, Capgemini, DXC, Wipro, HCL, WWT and others who incorporate the Juriba stack into their Digital Workplace ‘kit bag’ for large enterprise organizations. 

By leveraging its expertise and insights gained over the last fifteen years working with many Fortune 500 companies such as HSBC, JP Morgan, CVS Healthcare, Bank of America, and Desjardins, Juriba is already addressing the growing demands of the digital era. 

Building on this enterprise-level trust, Juriba aims to continue providing comprehensive solutions that encompass the entire lifecycle of IT projects that incorporate the Digital Workplace, end user computing, and application management. 

Driving Digital Workplace modernization

As a digital platform conductor, Juriba is committed to continuous innovation. It understands that technology is constantly evolving, and businesses need agile solutions to stay ahead. By investing in research and development, Juriba is determined to provide cutting-edge tools and methodologies that drive digital transformation, helping organizations adapt and thrive in the digital age. 

This has also led to the recent release of our enterprise ready AppM solution which takes the automation process of testing and packaging applications to a whole new unprecedented level, reducing delivery times from days and weeks to just mere hours. 

Juriba's journey and transition from a project lead-focused company to a Digital Workplace IT management powerhouse is a testament to its adaptability and vision. With 15 years of enterprise experience under its belt, Juriba is poised to set a new standard in the industry by offering comprehensive solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses. As it enters this new phase, Juriba remains dedicated to empowering organizations on their digital transformation journeys, making IT change management seamless, automated, and scalable, allowing for accelerated business growth. 

Many happy returns on Juriba’s 15th birthday, and here’s to the next fifteen years. 

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