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Introducing Your Go-To Resource For Evergreen IT Management

In the past few years, we have published way over 50 pieces of content on Evergreen IT Management in an effort to inspire you, help you get started, manage your upgrades as efficiently as possible, and make your job easier. But the topic — often also referred to as Continuous IT Transformation Management, Business-as-Usual Management, or Release Management — is huge and can cause a lot of confusion and frustration. In an effort to provide you with an overview of the entire subject, as well as neatly organize all relevant articles, we created "The Ultimate Guide To Evergreen IT Management".  


This extensive (8,200 words) guide will cover everything from why Evergreen IT is is crucial now, how it is defined, and what benefits and challenges you can expect when embracing it. In the second part, we go through all the strategic actions you must consider before we walk you through practical project management frameworks and implementation guidelines, and then wrap up with additional resources to get you started. 

Below, you will find our 5-minute primer to give you an idea of the depth and breadth of this guide. Reading the entire page will take you about 45-minutes. If you don't have that kind of time right now, you can always download the readability-optimized and printer-friendly PDF version. (Please consider the environment before printing.)

  • What is Evergreen IT Management? The term "Evergreen IT Management" refers to a new IT management approach that focuses on continuous and incremental improvement rather than larger one-off transformation projects done sporadically. While Evergreen IT means many things to many people, Juriba's Evergreen IT Management focus is on End User Technology (EUT), End User Computing (EUC), and the Modern Workplace.

  • Why should you care? The ability to digitally transform has become a necessity for survival rather than a nice-to-have competitive advantage. Executive management is relying on IT to not only technically enable this change but be a driver of innovation and transformation. Only Evergreen IT Management provides you with the agility and scalability required to achieve this feat.

  • How is it different from traditional IT Management? Until recently, end-user IT change was managed as a series of large projects using manual spreadsheets, hand-cranked databases, color-coded Gantt-Charts, and large amounts of resources. However, the velocity of technology is rapidly increasing and traditional IT management methodology cannot keep pace. The biggest difference between the old way of doing things and Evergreen IT Management is that the new approach focuses on continuously upgrading, improving, and updating every aspect of your IT environment within set timelines.

  • What are the benefits? There are many ways organizations can benefit from Evergreen IT Management. Here are the most important ones:
    • An always up-to-date, much more tightly managed and therefore much more secure environment,
    • Lower licensing and maintenance costs, leaving more resources and budget to innovate,
    • Competitive business advantage as IT is better equipped to drive Digital Transformation / adapt to changing customer demands,
    • Improved employee technology experience which leads to higher productivity and better talent retention rates,
    • Centralized IT-as-a-Service organization which reduces/eliminates Shadow IT, and
    • More predictable budget and capacity management.

  • What strategic plans do you need to consider? Once an industrialized, scalable, and repeatable process is established, your Evergreen IT Management will run like a well-oiled machine. However, like any larger project, it requires you to create a strategic road map as well as an implementation strategy plan that includes internal change management, process optimization, and technology upgrades as well as application management considerations.

  • How do you practically implement this? Since every organization is different, each Evergreen IT Management approach will be unique. However, there are tried-and-true processes like Microsoft's Windows 10 Deployment Ring Concept or Juriba's Evergreen IT Management process based on industry best practices. In addition to a step-by-step walk-through of the entire process set-up using Dashworks, we also show you how to use self-service, smart algorithms, and automation to accelerate your migration schedule and how you can quickly package and smoke test your applications using automation.

  • How do you get started? The best way to get your Evergreen IT Management off the ground successfully is to create a business case and get executive buy-in. Once you have met these fundamental milestones, it is time to download our customizable project plan template to create your repeatable and scalable process. Finally, set up your Evergreen IT Management tooling and you are all set! 

The guide is hands-down the most concise and yet extensive resource on how to continuously upgrade your IT environment to keep pace with the flood of technology changes you have to deal with, while allowing you to drive innovation and Digital Transformation. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me directly at barry.angell@juriba.com or at marketing@juriba.com

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