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Using Big Data For Windows 7 Migration Acceleration – Juriba Releases Free eBook

Juriba, the developer of business intelligence project software to help organisations migrate to Windows 7/8 or desktop/application virtualization, has published its maiden eBook, ‘Five Steps to Accelerating Windows 7 Migration Using Big Data’.

With Windows XP support to end in April 2014, companies must migrate away from their legacy builds and onto their next desktop platform. This eBook focuses on helping enterprises change the way in which they employ their project data in planning, managing and executing large scale desktop migration. Effectively utilizing data in a desktop migration empowers project managers to deliver on time and on budget. Indeed, a good understanding of data can take an organisation beyond achieving just the basics, enabling them to adapt and exploit opportunities, to accelerate their project, and be better able to cope with setbacks. Juriba calls this process ‘Business Intelligent Migration’ and that is what this free eBook is all about.

In the past few years, Juriba has worked with a number of large companies, helping them to better project manage their desktop transformations. One learned experience is that how an organisation manages its data can seriously impact the success of their desktop migration programme.

Authored by Julia Bell, COO of Juriba, this eBook gives an abundance of helpful insight into what big data steps can be taken to accelerate Windows 7 or 8 migration projects. With Julia’s Five Steps to Accelerating Windows 7 Migration Using Big Data today, organisations will learn how to make use of business intelligence to reduce the cost and duration of their desktop migration project.

Looking to download the eBook? Get Five Steps to Accelerating Windows 7 Migration Using Big Data today. This eBook is the first in a series of eBooks to be made available, so be sure to check back in the coming months. And if you would like to discuss your desktop migration in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact Juriba.