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Offshoring vs Automation ‑ Just Say “No” Or Set Up To Grow?

For several years offshoring has been a sensible solution. Advanced skill sets, low labour costs, and readily available capacity in the major IT offshoring hubs, has meant that there’s been a ...

Mahesh Siddamsetty
Introducing Wave Planning With Juriba Dashworks

Introducing Wave Planning With Juriba Dashworks

Theoretically speaking, Wave Planning (also known as Windows Deployment and Ring Scoping) is an easy-to-understand concept: you divide your estate into different waves (or rings) and deploy them ...

Barry Angell

What To Make Of The Windows 11 / Sun Valley Rumors

For months, there have been hints. Microsoft watchers like Mary J. Foley, Zac Bowden, and Tom Warren have been talking about an upcoming "big update" for at least twelve months. Now, Microsoft ...

Barry Angell

10 Steps For A Successful Windows 10 or Office 365 Migration Using A Service Integrator

Last week, we spoke about how to negotiate a successful Windows 10 or Office 365 migration deal with a service integrator. But what happens once the contracts are signed? Should you sit back and let ...

Barry Angell

The Basics Of Planning Your Enterprise Desktop Migration to Windows 10

While Windows 10 was touted initially as the fastest adopted OS in Microsoft history and Gartner predicted that 80% of enterprises would have completed or at least started their migration by the end ...

Barry Angell
Windows 10 Summit blog post

On-Demand Webinar: Windows 10 Summit

On May 30 and July 2, Juriba's CTO, Barry Angell, presented a session entitled 'How to get your executive management fired up about Evergreen IT after your Windows 10 migration' at the Ivanti Windows ...

Barry Angell
desktop analytics journey edited

Desktop Analytics 101 - What You Need To Know

A few weeks ago, I participated in two interesting sessions at the Microsoft Ignite Tour: one about Microsoft Autopilot, which we have extensively covered in the past, and one about Desktop ...

Barry Angell
Q&As Flexera webinar blog post

Time Is Up For Windows 7 - How To Position Your Organization For Windows 10 And Beyond [Q&As]

Last month, we partnered with Flexera to present the webinar entitled "Time is up for Windows 7: How to position your organization for Windows 10 and beyond" hosted by myself and Adam Jeffries, ...

Barry Angell

The Worst Pieces Of IT Transformation Advice We Have Ever Heard

We all know that hindsight is always 20/20. There is probably nothing more frustrating than realizing that you just made a huge mistake, and then looking back and realizing that you should have known ...

Barry Angell
Flexera webinar blog post

Time Is Up For Windows 7: How To Position Your Organization For Windows 10 & Beyond [On-Demand Webinar]

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with our partner Flexera entitled "Time is up for Windows 7: How to position your organization for Windows 10 and beyond". If you missed it or you ...

Barry Angell

5 Week Step-by-Step Plan On Getting A Head-Start On Your 2019 Windows 10 Migration

2018 has been be a big year for enterprise IT teams — but for those who still haven't made the move to Windows 10 and adopted a repeatable and scalable Windows-as-a-Service Management framework, 2019 ...

Barry Angell

12 Easy Steps To Completing Your Windows 10 Transformation With Maximum Velocity

November has been a big month for Windows 10. No, I am not referring to the stop-and-go release of the October 2018 Update but rather to the two major milestones Windows 10 is expected to reach ...

Barry Angell