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Application owner challenges: keeping pace with rapid change

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In today's fast-paced application landscape, Application Owners face the daunting task of staying abreast of frequent updates. With some applications rolling out updates and new features multiple times a month, merely keeping pace with these releases and discerning the need to pursue an update can be a formidable challenge. This is true for even the most basic applications.

For more intricate applications, especially those necessitating industry-specific training or certifications, the responsibilities of an Application Owner can be substantially more demanding. Such applications may offer access to peer networks, user communities, and industry conferences. Engaging with these resources is not just beneficial but often essential for Application Owners who deliver "Administrator" or "Subject Matter Expert" level responsibilities (see our article on the types of Application Owners, which highlights the expectations of each). Through these channels, they can gain valuable insights, stay informed about best practices, and network with peers.

But these days, even less technically challenging applications may offer educational resources like instructional videos and webinars. These can be monitored easily by following the company’s official YouTube channel or social media platforms. These digital avenues offer an efficient way to stay updated on the latest features and usage tips.

While a product like Juriba App Owner is designed to help make such programs a success with specific features targeted at the challenges of an app owner program, another practical method for ensuring regular updates and continuous learning is to encourage App Owners to set up recurring calendar events. These scheduled check-ins encourage Application Owners to dedicate time to reading and researching the latest developments in their application sphere. This practice ensures consistent engagement with the application’s news and announcements while fostering a proactive approach to learning.

Depending on the application's complexity and the Application Owner's role, hosting internal knowledge-sharing sessions can be very beneficial. As subject matter experts, appropriate Application Owners are well-positioned to lead internal training sessions. These sessions not only educate the organization on making the most of the application but also offer a platform for the Application Owner to gain recognition and affirm their expertise. Such initiatives can be instrumental in maximizing the organization's investment in the application and enhancing the overall competency of its users.