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 MCS consultants granted unprecedented access to Dashworks™ Windows 7, 8 and virtualization readiness tool. Agreement will bring unmatched levels of insight and foresight to MCS consultants seeking to tackle their clients’ Windows 7/8 migration and virtualisation projects.

London, United Kingdom, 28 February 2013: Juriba today announced a world-wide agreement with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) that enables MCS consultants to utilize Juriba’s Dashworks software to deliver proof of concept and pilot assessment services to customers. Dashworks is an all-in-one desktop migration project management solution that utilises business intelligence to accelerate organisations to Windows 7, 8, virtualization, cloud platforms and beyond. It creates a single source of project truth that helps drive every area of project assessment, planning and migration readiness, helping MCS to achieve successful and consistent project delivery.

Dashworks for Microsoft consulting services

The agreement will bring unprecedented levels of insight and foresight to MCS consultants seeking to tackle their clients’ Windows 7/8 migration and virtualisation projects. Using licenses provided by Juriba, MCS can provide a clear view of the desktop estate to be migrated, helping to analyze, rationalize and plan the end to end customer transformation. Customers benefit from clear project scope and best practice process, empowering them to make better and faster decisions on project planning and execution.

At the end of the proof of concept or pilot, customers will have a better view of the migration ahead and how best to deliver it. By using Juriba’s Dashworks software, MCS can uniquely plan an entire desktop transformation from the ground up, proving delivery capability. After the proof of concept or pilot, Dashworks licenses can be procured by either MCS or the customer for full desktop migration project management.

Discussing the announcement, Iain Fraser, Commercial Director of Juriba said, “This is a fantastic agreement that we’ve managed to put in place with Microsoft Consulting Services.” Fraser continued, “I’m absolutely delighted that, as we move closer and closer to the Windows XP end-of-life deadline in 2014, our desktop migration project management tool, Dashworks, is now only a click of button away for thousands of MCS consultants worldwide who are striving to help their clients transform their desktop environment with speed and precision.” 

Barry Angell

Written by Barry Angell

Barry is a co-founder of Juriba, where he works as CEO to drive the company strategy. He is an experienced End User Services executive that has helped manage thousands of users, computers, applications and mailboxes to their next IT platform. He has saved millions of dollars for internal departments and customers alike through product, project, process and service delivery efficiency.

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