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Juriba Receives Microsoft Windows 7 ACF Accreditation

With the final release candidate for Windows 7 available and usable through March 2010, companies need to start thinking about how they will deploy the new operating system. One of the major barriers to quick adoption is application compatibility. This is especially true for organisations moving from Windows XP. Leading application compatibility experts already suggest that up to 40% of applications will need some form of remediation.

Windows 7 and Juriba

With this in mind, Microsoft invited selected partners to attend technical workshops on the changes in Windows 7 likely to cause application incompatibility.

Juriba was one of the few companies chosen to find out the major differences in Windows 7 and recap on the incompatibility issues with Windows Vista. A complete overview of methods for remediation was also discussed, with expertise from Microsoft's application compatibility team on hand for real-world demonstrations. As a result, Juriba will now be offering its first packaged Windows 7 application compatibility service, utilising the Microsoft application compatibility framework. Intended as a quick start assessment for Windows 7 application readiness, the new Microsoft application compatibility toolkit is used to identify applications across 100 machines. Applications are rated red, amber or green based on the tests, and referenced against a community database for other real world experience. Applications can then, in many instances, be fixed on demand to run on Windows 7.

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