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Hi there. My name is Carrie Woods and, in February of this year, I joined Juriba as the new Director of Global Alliances. I have been working in the software world for the last 20 years in services and channel roles for ServiceNow, Binary Tree, and Quest Software. I am thrilled to be leading the partner program at Juriba now.

My goal is simple: create a healthy and resilient partner ecosystem that relies on long-term relationships to the benefit of all parties involved — Juriba, our partners, and of course our joint customers. So far, it has been an exciting few weeks and I wanted to share some details of our new Partner Program with you.

Juriba Launches New Partner Program_ What To Expect

The New Partner Program Outlined

Juriba’s Partner Program is an ecosystem built to enable and empower our system integrator partners to sell, market, and implement Juriba products and services. The highlights of this new program include:

  • Certification and training academy specifically made for our system integrators,
  • Tiered benefits based on the level of commitment (see below),
  • Access to a newly designed Partner Portal with exclusive content,
  • Partner Locator profile listing (incl. company logo, profile, and expertise) on Juriba's website (see below)
  • Ability to monetize leads and sales efforts, and
  • Ease of doing business with fast turn around, transparent communication, and other services to enable you to meet your customers’ needs better and faster.

Introducing Partner Tier Levels & Benefits

One exciting change we are introducing is recognizing the investment your organization makes into Juriba by attributing different tier levels (Registered, Silver, Gold, and Platinum).  

  • Registered status is achieved simply by becoming a partner. This allows the partner to gain access to the general partner portal, online training, and product information.
  • Silver status is achieved by having two individuals complete the sales and pre-sales training as well as book a lower specified amount of revenue in the last four quarters. This level includes the benefits of Registered status plus discounts, referral fees, Not-For-Resale (NFR) and access to Demo Labs, discounted instructor training, as well as being listed in the Partner Locator.
  • Gold status is achieved by having four individuals complete the sales and pre-sales training, close a higher specified amount of revenue in the last four quarters, and submit a business plan to enjoy all Silver partner benefits (with higher discounts and referral fees). In addition, Gold partners qualify for potential market development funds and co-marketing opportunities.
  • Platinum status is achieved by having four individuals complete the sales and pre-sales training and two individuals complete the Implementation Delivery Certification training, in addition to certain global revenue requirements and a submitted business plan. Our Platinum partners enjoy Gold Status benefits, although with higher discounts and referral fees as well as executive access, membership in our Partner Advisory Board (PAB), a dedicated pre-sales support team, and co-funded POCs.

Coming This Summer: The New Partner Portal

By the end of the summer, we are planning to launch a brand new, redesigned Partner Portal in which partners can find up-to-date program benefits and communications. Here we will post any program notifications and updates you should be aware of, list upcoming events, partner webinars, or exclusive invitations, and inform you of any product launches and new releases. Of course, this is also where you will find the sales and marketing tools and collateral you need to grow with Juriba, as well as all the relevant certifications, accreditations, and training courses. 

If you are currently already registered in our Partner Portal, look out for a notification at the end of July with additional information. I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to email me any comments or questions you might have in the meantime as we build this enhanced capability.

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Carrie Woods

Written by Carrie Woods

Experienced Partner and Alliances Business Development Director with thirteen years of experience in the software industry working in the global market. I've spent the last 20 years working in technical and commercial roles focused on software and services. Combining my technical background with a goal oriented mindset and outstanding communication skills has allowed me to become very effective at building and growing successful business relationships. I am focused on navigating and understanding complex partner organizations and being able to convey this information to sales/internal teams to help deepen working relationships and increase revenue potential. Having worked extensively in an international market, I have the ability to quickly understand their unique market and adapt to the local working culture.

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