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Dashworks 3.0: Engage users in self-service desktop migration

Dashworks 3.0 - the enabler to self-service desktop migration

Now it’s not been long since we brought you news of Dashworks 2.0 but we thought we’d kick 2013 off by telling you that Dashworks 3.0, the enabler to self-service desktop migration, isn’t far behind.

Remove the barriers to desktop transformation

With just 446 days until Windows XP end of life (according to Juriba’s Countdown Clock), there has never been a greater need to stop underestimating the end user – it’s time to remove the barriers to desktop transformation. Gen X and Gen Y are the new generations who have grown up with a PC or laptop from an early age. But they are becoming limited by the old technology. Ask the majority of your end users ‘do you want to get the latest and fastest desktop?’ and the response would invariably be positive. But they can’t have it, because IT wants to tell them how, when and where. Maybe IT doesn’t need to any more. 


engage your users in desktop migration with dashworks 

Engage your users in your desktop migration project

At Juriba, we have always been great believers that organizations like yours can create a ‘pull’ demand from your end users for your Windows 7 enterprise migration project. With Dashworks 3.0 comes the new Self-Service Portal, where you can seamlessly begin to engage your users in your desktop migration. Gone are the days of the endless manual surveys of users for gathering and validating project information. User responses can be automatically requested and your now-empowered users can validate critical project information, such as their department and location, computer ownership and application list, directly in Dashworks. It’s a whole world away from the logistics efforts of the past.

Stay tuned

We’ll be announcing a lot more in a couple of weeks’ time but, for now, there’s one thing we can tell you for certain: your user base wants desktop transformation and they want it quick. Dashworks 3.0 is your chance to engage your users and give a colossal boost to the audit and validation stage of your desktop project.