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With Gartner and Forrester urging organisations to start thinking about their Windows 7 migration earlier rather than later, Juriba were delighted to announce their first strategic partnership this week. Camwood, the leading UK based application migration consultancy will utilise Juriba's Dashworks product as part of their suite of services, helping organisations to plan, analyse, build and deploy the new operating system in the fastest, most effective way possible.

Camwood and Juriba

"I am delighted that Camwood has chosen Dashworks as part of their Windows migration services portfolio" said Barry Angell, director at Juriba. "Camwood has vast experience in moving large, enterprise organisations from one operating system to the next, and with Dashworks migration master automation on board, projects will be delivered faster and more accurately than ever before".

"Dashworks sits perfectly within our service offerings and provides a unique ability that will simplify transformation programmes to Windows 7." said Tony Fones, Head of Professional Services at Camwood.

For further information on Camwood, please click here.

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Barry Angell

Written by Barry Angell

Barry is a co-founder of Juriba, where he works as CEO to drive the company strategy. He is an experienced End User Services executive that has helped manage thousands of users, computers, applications and mailboxes to their next IT platform. He has saved millions of dollars for internal departments and customers alike through product, project, process and service delivery efficiency.

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