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Looking for enterprise Workplace Automation advice? The Juriba Blog gives practical tips and strategic advice on Evergreen IT, Agile IT, and IT Transformations.

4 Non-Technical Considerations To Boost Your Windows 10 Readiness

Yesterday, we took a closer look at all the technical components determining your company's Windows 10 readiness. These included readiness of hardware, applications, and infrastructure. However, your ...

Barry Angell

6 Technical Factors To Determine Your Windows 10 Readiness

One of the biggest questions enterprise IT managers currently face is: How do we decide when we are ready for Windows 10? Which factors do we need to consider when determining Windows 10 readiness?

Barry Angell

4 Ways A Project Management Tool Can Accelerate Your IT Transformation Project

If you have been through a massive IT transformation project recently, you know what a nightmare it can be. They are incredibly complex, expensive and drain your internal resources, time and ...

Iain Fraser

How To Budget For Your Windows 10 Migration

Transitioning over to Windows 10 can reduce cost, improve business productivity, and position your enterprise business for future IT modernization. It is important to note that in order to reap these ...

Barry Angell

Improve Your Next IT Project Management Meeting In 3 Steps

It’s no secret that managing a large scale project from conception to completion can be hard — and managing the people responsible for that project can be even harder. As a project manager, you are ...

Barry Angell

9 Office 365 Migrations Hiccups To Avoid

Enterprise Office 365 migration can be a scary business! Not only are you dealing with thousands of mailboxes that your end users depend on every single day, but there are so many dependencies, data ...

Barry Angell

5 Factors To Consider For Your Windows 10 Enterprise Migration

Even though analysts are expecting businesses to start rolling out Windows 10 much sooner than in the past, rarely any enterprise or other large organization will decide to start their OS migration ...

Barry Angell

The Real Reason Enterprises Are Upgrading To Windows 10 Faster

Long before its widely anticipated official release this past July, Windows 10 was slated to see a much faster adoption than its predecessor Windows 8 and 8.1 - especially for businesses. In the ...

Barry Angell

3 Reasons Why Business Value Dashboards Are Crucial For Your IT Migration Projects

Data makes the world go round - but there is so much of it that is impossible to see connections and glean valuable insights without the proper tools. No wonder dashboarding and analytics have become ...

Julia Bell