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Announcing AppM v4.9

Announcing AppM v4.9
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Introducing AppM v4.9: Streamlined, Efficient, and User-Friendly

We are thrilled to announce the release of AppM v4.9, packed with exciting new features and enhancements designed to make your application packaging and deployment experience smoother than ever. Here’s what you can look forward to in this latest version:

Simplified Adding of Applications

Adding applications to AppM is now even more intuitive. With AppM v4.9, you can:

  • Auto-Populate Application Metadata: This feature automatically fetches and fills in details like the Application Name, Manufacturer, and Version from the selected primary installer file.
  • Automatic Package Format Detection: Effortlessly detect the package format based on the selected installer file, minimizing manual input and reducing errors.

Enhanced Usability

We’ve made significant improvements to ensure AppM is more user-friendly and efficient:

  • Redesigned Applications Page: Enjoy an improved table view with filterable columns, giving you more control over how you view your application list.
  • VM Groups for Better Resource Management: The new VM Groups option replaces what was previously referred to as OS/Build, allowing you to manage and allocate VMs for packaging and testing more efficiently.
  • Streamlined Admin Menu: We’ve combined the 'Full Admin Area' and ‘Admin Area’ into a single, simplified ‘Admin’ menu, removing unnecessary items for a cleaner interface.
  • Unified Test Status Page: The new Test Status page makes it easy to navigate through test results. It consolidates the Catalog, Tested Applications, and Builds pages into one.
  • Effortless Re-Repackaging: The ‘Repackage’ button is now enabled for easy re-triggering of the repackaging or conversion process, regardless of the application’s status.

MSIX Packaging Tool Update

AppM now integrates the latest version of the MSIX Packaging Tool (v1.2023.1212.0), bringing the newest features and improvements to the MSIX packages you generate.

For a detailed overview of all enhancements and new features, please refer to the release notes.

Upgrade to AppM v4.9 today and experience a more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly application packaging process!