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Announcing AppM v4.8

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AppM v4.8 is live now. This latest version of AppM enhances automation, security, and user experience. 

Automated Command Line Suggestions 

This latest version of AppM introduces automatic command line suggestions for EXE packages, saving IT Pros valuable time otherwise spent on research. Additionally, enhancements to the generation of command lines for other package types streamline the process further, facilitating automated repackaging within AppM and reducing manual hours even further. Overall, this enhancement can increase your team's efficiency and productivity. 

Single Workflow to Add Applications  

Previously, AppM offered three separate ways to add applications, potentially confusing some users trying to determine the right approach. Now, these options have been consolidated into a single, seamless process, ensuring a more straightforward user experience. Additionally, the steps on the Application Full Status page are reorganized to align better with the standard application packaging process, further enhancing usability. 

MECM Importing Enhancements 

In addition to the many supported package types handled by AppM, you may now import command line parameters for AppV and MSIX packages when they are imported from MECM (Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager). These parameters will then facilitate automated smoke testing within AppM. 

Enhanced Security

In the previous release of AppM, we added anti-virus scans for several areas where files may be uploaded. In this release, we cover the remaining places where you can upload files, so all files uploaded to AppM are now scanned for viruses to enhance AppM's overall security posture by ensuring that only valid, non-malicious files are permitted for upload. 

 When logging out of AppM, you will now also be fully logged out from your Single Sign-On provider. 

 This release includes several other improvements to enhance the overall user experience and usability of AppM. The complete list of enhancements is in the release notes.