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Announcing AppM v4.7

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We are pleased to announce the release of AppM v4.7. The latest AppM release delivers several repackaging improvements, smoke-testing bug fixes, and security enhancements.

Find a summary of release notes and related plans below or view the details covering all that has been included with AppM v4.7 here in the release notes

Repackaging Improvements

As promised in the last release, AppM now supports environment variables when specifying file and folder exclusions, as well as wildcard character support in registry exclusions.

  • Environment Variables

    • AppM no longer requires you to specify the system/OS-specific path in the files, folders and registry paths, One can simply use standard environment variables in the exclusion path and rely on AppM to resolve it to the system-specific path.

  • Wildcard Characters

    • We now support wildcard characters in files, folders, and registry exclusions. This means if you use a wildcard like an asterisk in an exclusion entry, AppM will correctly exclude the path and related sub-paths, so you no longer need to specify every subfolder and common path pattern in the exclusions list.

  • A new, alternative exclusion list.

    • The exclusion list that has shipped with all previous versions has been renamed to ‘Juriba Original,’ and we have added a new list called 'Juriba March 2024 (Beta)'

    • You may choose between either of the two lists to be used during repackaging operations.

    • The application details page will show which list was used when repackaging.

    • The new list is cleaner and smaller, and thereby easier to manage and maintain.

Note that the new list is released as a Beta feature as it is in the process of being thoroughly tested. We encourage any feedback if you have any suggestions or encounter an issue using this beta exclusion list. 

Smoke Testing Fixes

With each release, we are improving AppM’s smoke testing capabilities, and v4.7 includes a few minor bug fixes related to the logging.

Security Improvements

  • Anti Virus Scan - AppM now scans any uploaded files for potential viruses/malware and removes the files if detected.

  • File Type Validation - AppM also validates the file type being uploaded to ensure only those appropriate are accepted (based on the context where it is being uploaded.)

To view the details of all that is included with AppM v4.7, see its release notes