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Looking for enterprise Workplace Automation advice? The Juriba Blog gives practical tips and strategic advice on Evergreen IT, Agile IT, and IT Transformations.


The Windows 10 Servicing Concept & Terminology (Updated)

(Updated: This article is part of the "Definitive Guide To Windows 10 Servicing" blog series and has been updated last in Sept. 2018.) As you begin to move your organization to Windows 10, one of the ...

Barry Angell

Juriba and Archive360 Sign Partnership to Reduce Costs and Risks of Email Migrations

London, UK & New York, USA – December 17, 2015 – Juriba, a developer of IT migration project command and control software and Archive360, the leader in email archive migration software, today ...

Clio Ionni

Gartner: 3 Endpoint Technology Trends That Drive Windows 10 Adoption

On November 23rd, 2015, Gartner released its latest study on Windows 10 adoption and impact on businesses called "Predicts 2016: Endpoint Technology Shifts Are Accelerated by Windows 10." In the ...

Barry Angell

How To Use Juriba's Windows 10 Project Plan Template

If you just downloaded our fully-customizable Windows 10 Project Plan Template, this blog post is for you! (If you have not yet, it doesn't hurt to read this to get an impression of what you can ...

Barry Angell

One Secrect Weapon You Need In Your IT Migration Toolbelt: Self-Service Capabilities

Traditionally, large scale IT changes such as an operating system upgrade were a push from the IT team rather than a pull from the end user. IT departments made decisions when and how to handle ...

Barry Angell

The Impact of Windows 10 on Enterprises (Infographic)

Today, more than half of Windows users (56%) are running Windows 7 — which was released more than six years ago. In the enterprise space, this number is much higher (85%) and most are following the ...

Barry Angell

Why Evergreen IT Must Be Part Of Your Long-Term IT Strategy

When we first published this very popular article in December 2015, Microsoft had just launched Windows 10 and, with it, kicked off its Windows 10 Servicing cadence. This caused a lot of anxiety and ...

Barry Angell

Saying “Goodbye” To Application Migration

Let me start by explaining that I have spent a significant part of my career in the application packaging space, and currently work for a company called Revacom who are an application packaging ...


Juriba Announces Worldwide Agreement With Microsoft Consulting Services To Accelerate Enterprise Windows 10 Adoption

London, United Kingdom, 26 October 2015: Juriba today announced a world-wide agreement with Microsoft Services that enables Microsoft consultants to utilize Juriba’s Dashworks software to help ...

Barry Angell

How Dashworks Can Help You Save License Costs

Software migration projects, such as operating system upgrades, are often called "IT transformation projects" because they provide a unique opportunity to "transform" or streamline much more than ...

Barry Angell