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Looking for enterprise Workplace Automation advice? The Juriba Blog gives practical tips and strategic advice on Evergreen IT, Agile IT, and IT Transformations.

Juriba evolves from Workplace Automation to Digital Platform Conductor for the Workplace

Over the past few years, the way organizations manage IT has drastically changed, and so has Juriba. Always a step ahead of the market, Juriba has transformed from an IT Transformation management ...

Barry Angell
What Is A Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) & Do You Need One?

What is Gartner's Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) & do you need it?

In November 2022, Gartner® published its first-ever Digital Platform Conductors (DPC) Market Guide. In this report, the analyst company explores a rapidly evolving technology market currently ...

Barry Angell

Windows 11 Enterprise Vs. Professional [A Comparison]

The Windows 11 Operating System is the latest in Microsoft’s line of products and is designed to provide a powerful and secure platform for businesses. However, when choosing between Windows 11 ...

Barry Angell

Maximizing The ROI Of Enterprise Device Lifecycle Management

The return on investment of Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) initiatives is a key consideration for Digital Workplace leaders and enterprise IT managers looking to optimize their hardware refresh ...

Barry Angell

Your 12 Stepping Stones To Evergreen IT Readiness

A few days ago, we introduced our new Evergreen IT Readiness Scorecard, which I believe is going to be a game-changing resource for many Heads of Modern Workplace, VPs of EUC, IT managers, and many ...

Barry Angell
Evergreen IT Readiness Scorecard

New Resource: Introducing the Evergreen IT Readiness Scorecard

Evergreen IT has been a hot topic in the enterprise IT world for the past few years. Evergreen IT is the practice of continuously updating your IT systems and applications to take advantage of new ...

Barry Angell

Juriba Incorporates In The US, Further Cementing Commitment To The North American Market

As you might know, Juriba has a long and successful history working with customers in the United States. Our commitment to the North American market has always been firm and continues to strengthen ...

Monique Sarah Commandeur
Which Should You Upgrade To: Windows 11 Or Windows 10 22H2?

Which Should You Upgrade To: Windows 11 Or Windows 10 22H2?

According to a Juriba survey, only 13% of respondents are in the process of starting or will start their Windows 11 migration this year, while 38% of organizations will start their move to the next ...

Barry Angell

New Dashworks Project Template Drastically Accelerates Windows 11 By Intelligently Optimizing Migration Paths

One of the hardest things to deal with when managing a large Enterprise IT Transformation project, such as a Windows 11 migration and (soon after) the management of subsequent upgrades, is that a) ...

Barry Angell

How To Tackle The Top Blockers For Your Microsoft Intune Migration

In September, back by popular demand, the Juriba team held a webinar to explore the paths available for organizations migrating to Microsoft Intune and reveal what's involved in the process and the ...

Andrew Feltoe
Juriba Microsoft Intune Migration

How to Run a Successful Microsoft Intune Migration (With No Screw Ups)

On July 27th 2022, the Juriba team held a webinar to explore the paths available for organizations migrating to Microsoft Intune, what’s involved throughout this process and how Juriba’s Workplace ...

Andrew Feltoe
Andrew Feltoe Product Manager Juriba

An Interview with appM Product Manager Andrew Feltoe: Can Application Management Automation Really Make A Difference?

This conversation was recorded in July 2022 with Andrew Feltoe, who specializes in application management, and using data and software to solve real world problems. Andrew recently joined Juriba as ...

Barry Angell