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How Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) Fits Into Microsoft's Modern IT Vision: An Analysis

Traditional IT infrastructures are often loosely connected, relatively fragmented, and highly complex — making them incredibly difficult, labor-intensive, and therefore costly to maintain and update. ...

Barry Angell

What I Learned About Windows Autopilot At Ignite

What was the most impactful announcement for your organization at Microsoft's Ignite this year? For me, it was probably Michael Niehaus' session on Windows Autopilot, the software giant's new way to ...

Barry Angell
Windows 10 Servicing Timeline Sept 2018

Microsoft Just Announced (Another!) Windows-as-a-Service Support Model Change — What Does It Mean For You?

If you, like many others, have been struggling to keep up with the constant modifications the Windows-as-a-Service support model has undergone since its initial release, you know that the Greek ...

Barry Angell
Upgrade Readiness - Data In Dashworks (Drivers)

Announcing The Dashworks Connector For Microsoft Analytics Upgrade Readiness

Ever since the introduction of Microsoft's Windows Analytics service, Microsoft has been working hard to convince enterprise IT admins to manage their Windows 10 migration and later service upgrades ...

Barry Angell

How To Choose The Right Windows 10 Deployment Ring Enrollment Criterion For Your Organization

Over the past three years. I have probably spoken to dozens if not hundreds of IT managers, executives, schedulers, and other folks involved in Windows-as-a-Service management, and there is one ...

Barry Angell

14 Must-Include Items For Your Windows 10 Servicing RFP

May I ask you a personal question? What is the hardest part about Windows 10 Servicing for you? Based on talking to many of our clients and partners, I would venture to say your answer would focus on ...

Barry Angell

Who Should Be On Your A-List Windows Servicing Team?

Almost two years ago, we published an article called "How To Staff Your Windows 10 Migration Team Properly" which walks you through the required team member roles and necessary skills for your ...

Barry Angell
BasicsofPlanningYourContinuousWindows10ServicingManagement (1)

How To Drive Maximum Velocity Windows 10 Upgrades In 10 Steps

For decades, large IT Transformation projects have been planned using manual spreadsheets or hand-cranked databases. All required steps were neatly visualized in a massive MS Project Gantt Chart — of ...

Barry Angell

Gartner: Your Windows 10 Servicing Frequency Has Huge Cost Implications

In November 2015, I calculated the per device cost to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 — a whopping $693 per seat for a manually delivered migration using spreadsheets or hand-cranked databases! ...

Barry Angell

How To Manage Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus Servicing: A Data Model

Over the past few years, we have seen our fair share of failed and dangerously inefficient enterprise attempts to keep Windows 10 and Office 365 Servicing up-to-date. Often, the organization took ...

Barry Angell

Windows 10 Servicing: Can I Skip An Update?

Update: Microsoft has announced in September 2018 that it will change its Windows 10 support timeline again to extend support for all currently supported version for enterprise and education ...

Barry Angell

Will Microsoft's Windows 10 Support Extensions Impact Its Servicing Model Strategy?

UPDATE: Please note, that Microsoft since then has updated its support policies to grant an extended 30 months support for all 09 Feature Updates and the regular 18 months for all 03 Feature Updates. ...

Barry Angell