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How You Can Shorten Your IT Migration Planning Phase From 7 Weeks To 7 Days

Are you dreading your next IT migration project because of all the overtime, late nights and short weekends that your team will face over the next months? Wouldn't it be nice if you could wave a ...

Barry Angell

Pros & Cons of Managing Your Enterprise-Wide Windows 10 Migration In "Business As Usual" Mode

Lately, I have been getting many questions around "How can we run a Windows 10 upgrade for our enterprise while maintaining Business-as-Usual?" With many larger organizations toying with the idea of ...

Barry Angell

Why HPE Chooses Juriba For Windows 10 Enterprise Services

Juriba has a lot to be proud of. HPE, one of the world's largest service providers and a Preferred Provider of Microsoft cloud productivity and mobility solutions, recently added a tool to its ...

Barry Angell

Juriba's Dashworks Now Part Of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Transformation Services For Windows 10

IT migration command and control software coupled with Hewlett Packard Enterprise services provides a cost-effective, comprehensive solution for customers handling Windows 10 migration projects.

Clio Ionni

History Menu Returns To Edge Browser In Windows Redstone

Enterprises and other large businesses operate at a pace that doesn’t always fall in line with the latest offerings from major hardware or software developers. This includes Windows 10, of course. ...

Barry Angell

16 Reasons Why Your Business Should Upgrade To Windows 10 in 2016

As we enter the New Year and prepare for a bracing 12 months of activity in the IT department, it’s useful to consider what operating system your team will be relying on. You may have been on the ...

Barry Angell

2015: A Year of Microsoft-Driven Disruption & Innovation In The Enterprise IT Space

2015 was a busy year for Microsoft with the release of Office 365 E5, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, an entirely new version of its Windows operating system. By the looks of things, 2016 won't be ...

Barry Angell

Gartner: 3 Endpoint Technology Trends That Drive Windows 10 Adoption

On November 23rd, 2015, Gartner released its latest study on Windows 10 adoption and impact on businesses called "Predicts 2016: Endpoint Technology Shifts Are Accelerated by Windows 10." In the ...

Barry Angell

How To Use Juriba's Windows 10 Project Plan Template

If you just downloaded our fully-customizable Windows 10 Project Plan Template, this blog post is for you! (If you have not yet, it doesn't hurt to read this to get an impression of what you can ...

Barry Angell

The Impact of Windows 10 on Enterprises (Infographic)

Today, more than half of Windows users (56%) are running Windows 7 — which was released more than six years ago. In the enterprise space, this number is much higher (85%) and most are following the ...

Barry Angell

Juriba Announces Worldwide Agreement With Microsoft Consulting Services To Accelerate Enterprise Windows 10 Adoption

London, United Kingdom, 26 October 2015: Juriba today announced a world-wide agreement with Microsoft Services that enables Microsoft consultants to utilize Juriba’s Dashworks software to help ...

Barry Angell

4 Non-Technical Considerations To Boost Your Windows 10 Readiness

Yesterday, we took a closer look at all the technical components determining your company's Windows 10 readiness. These included readiness of hardware, applications, and infrastructure. However, your ...

Barry Angell