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Windows 10 Migration Forecast

At the recent Windows Partner Conference (WPC) 2015, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner spoke passionately about how Microsoft had the technology products in place to dominate the market. Central to the end ...

Clio Ionni
project email

Project Email – Is Too Much Never Really Enough?

We live in an age where we are constantly in communication. Whether it is via the internet, e-mail, text or phone, information is flowing to our brains at remarkable rates. Rather than being ...

Barry Angell

Why Mr Spock-Business Analyst Is Crucial To Windows Migration Success

In any large scale end user migration project, there will be a huge amount of data to slice, dice and rationalize. A mountain of it in fact! At Juriba, we often get asked about the best way to make ...

Julia Bell

Microsoft TechEd 2014 - Brad Anderson Keynote Messages

Brad Anderson launched the key note at TechEd 2014 with 2 new buzz words: mobile-first and cloud-first, which he went to explain were essentially the same thing for Microsoft. 2008 was a landmark in ...

Julia Bell

Your Windows 7 Project Plan In One Page (Work Breakdown Structure)

Here at Juriba towers, we sometimes like to reflect a little. It’s sometimes hard to believe that it has been nearly six years since three JPMorganChase employees jumped ship from corporate safety ...

Barry Angell

Dear Microsoft: After Windows XP, We Would Really Like To Break The Desktop Upgrade Cycle

To set expectations, I am not going to get emotional about the end of life of an operating system. It’s not like when you look back at your ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 days, and remember fondly hours ...

Barry Angell

Infographic: Windows 7 Migration in Numbers

INFOGRAPHIC: 93% of IT pro's found Juriba's Windows 7 Project Plan a useful resource. Juriba recently posed a brief survey to the hundreds of desktop professionals who have downloaded its Windows 7 ...

Barry Angell

Big-Data Can Speed Up Windows Migrations

By Susan Fogarty, Editor in Chief, IT Migration ZoneSusan Fogarty is a guest blogger from our friends, IT Migration Zone. She recently wrote the article below as an entry on the excellent IT ...

Barry Angell

Windows Migration? Manage the Pain

By Adrian Polley, Technical Services Director, Plan-Net

Barry Angell

WARNING: Application Rationalization Is Not As Hard As You Think

By Brian Weerdenburg, Director, Sales Engineering, Futurestate IT Brian Weerdenburg is a guest blogger from our friends, Futurestate IT. Futurestate IT offers AppRx, the automated SaaS-based ...

Barry Angell

Application Normalisation: In Search of the Panacea

When companies begin their transition planning for a new operating system such as Windows 7, much of the initial focus will be on the applications. Usually, this means trawling an unholy mess of ...

Barry Angell

Building The Perfect Windows 7 Project Plan

Building The Perfect Project Plan For Enterprise Windows 7 Migration

Barry Angell