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Flexera webinar blog post

Time Is Up For Windows 7: How To Position Your Organization For Windows 10 & Beyond [On-Demand Webinar]

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with our partner Flexera entitled "Time is up for Windows 7: How to position your organization for Windows 10 and beyond". If you missed it or you ...

Barry Angell

How To Get Your Executive Management Fired Up About Evergreen IT

According to a 2015 Forester study, executives predicted that by 2020 47% of their revenue would be majorly impacted or entirely generated by digital — a sentiment that drove Digital Transformation ...

Barry Angell

What Microsoft Desktop App Assure Is — And What It Isn't

On September 6th, 2018, Microsoft announced two new resources to enable its customers to adopt its Modern IT Vision: Desktop Analytics, a cloud-based inventory management and application ...

Barry Angell

Evergreen IT Hardware Refresh: Stock Management or Just-In-Time (JIT) Inventory Management

At Juriba, we get involved in a lot of hardware refresh projects as well as large scale IT transformations. A major part of refresh project planning is how to handle stock management and whether to ...

Barry Angell

How To Use Psychology To Drive Your Self-Service IT Transformation

Raise your hand if you love filling out your tax return every year. How about government censure surveys? No? How about doing a quick Facebook quiz on your dream vacation destination? Or telling your ...

Barry Angell

The Simple Guide To Microsoft's Modern IT Management

By 2020, one out of two US employees will be working remotely, a new study finds. But the same is true for many other countries, e.g., the United Kingdom. While for some, this might seem like a ...

Barry Angell

What Every IT Executive Should Know About Evergreen App Management

I don't know about you, but I don't know of any single enterprise-size organization that does not do some formal application compatibility testing as they roll out a new OS — except one: Microsoft. ...

Barry Angell
BasicsofPlanningYourContinuousWindows10ServicingManagement (1)

How To Drive Maximum Velocity Windows 10 Upgrades In 10 Steps

For decades, large IT Transformation projects have been planned using manual spreadsheets or hand-cranked databases. All required steps were neatly visualized in a massive MS Project Gantt Chart — of ...

Barry Angell

Is Microsoft's Modern IT Vision And Co-Management Replacing Traditional Image-Based Management?

In the past week, Microsoft asked me to speak at the Windows Partner Deployment Day about the infrastructure, project management & readiness support for effective Windows-as-a-Service ...

Barry Angell

Security or Performance? Spectre & Meltdown Fixes Will Slow Down Older PCs

2018 started with a bang for those in cyber-security — and almost everyone else running a device that uses an Intel, AMD or ARM chip made from the mid-nineties till today. News broke (and spread like ...

Barry Angell
Overcoming Shadow IT With Deployment-as-a-Service.png

Overcoming Shadow IT With Deployment-as-a-Service

In 1876, a plant new to the United States called Kudzu, was introduced at the Japanese Pavillion at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Due to its fast growth, the Soil Conservation ...

Barry Angell
The Evergreen IT Budget Dilemma — And How To Solve It.png

The Evergreen IT Budget Dilemma — And How To Solve It

The summer is almost over — which, for a lot of IT managers, means they need to start planning and preparing for upcoming budget rounds in the fall. And unless you are one of the lucky few that saw a ...

Barry Angell