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How To Build A Waterproof Evergreen IT Business Case

It's October — and that means budget rounds for many organizations! Years ago, this was a rather straightforward exercise; you knew how much money you needed to keep the lights on, and then decide ...

Barry Angell

User Acceptance Testing & Its Importance in Evergreen IT Management

Most of our customers are currently in the process of deciding 1) which Windows 10 Upgrade Management strategy to pursue (6,  12, 18 or 24 months), and whatever they are choosing, 2) how to achieve ...

Barry Angell

Desktop Analytics: First Real-World Impressions

To the surprise of many, Microsoft announced on September 6th, 2019, that it will retire its Windows Analytics services in favor of Desktop Analytics. While the reality of Desktop Analytics (DA) ...

Barry Angell

Managing Evergreen IT With Dashworks — The Agile Way

Last week, we took a closer look at how the Agile Software Development methodology and its concepts could be used to manage your IT estate the Evergreen IT way. Recently, we have been getting some ...

Barry Angell

How To Apply Agile Software Development Methods To Your Evergreen IT Management

Traditionally, enterprises tackled large IT transformation projects such as OS migrations, infrastructure upgrades, or email migrations, one at a time in what is commonly termed a "big bang" ...

Barry Angell

Pro Tips From The Windows 10 Summit: How To Get Your Executives Fired Up About Evergreen IT

Do you dread having to pitch Windows 10 Service Management to your executives? Will they perceive it as yet another service they have to dole out cash for or think it is Business-as-Usual and not ...

Barry Angell

3 Things To Consider When Deciding On A Future End-User Platform

When today's CIO talks about Digital Transformation, they are looking at a huge number of IT initiatives to increase productivity, reduce cost, improve agility and deliver the best experience to ...

Barry Angell
Windows 10 Summit blog post

On-Demand Webinar: Windows 10 Summit

On May 30 and July 2, Juriba's CTO, Barry Angell, presented a session entitled 'How to get your executive management fired up about Evergreen IT after your Windows 10 migration' at the Ivanti Windows ...

Clio Ionni

Why Windows 10 Enterprise Application Compatibility Is A Bigger Problem Now Than 5 Years Ago

It is easy to get caught up in Microsoft's marketing message that tells us application compatibility with Windows 10 isn't an issue any more. In fact, Microsoft claims that 99% of all Windows 7 ...

Barry Angell

Traditional IT vs. Evergreen IT Management [Infographic]

When we started talking about the importance of Evergreen IT management in late 2015, there was almost no information out there on this new IT management approach. But within a few months, hundreds ...

Barry Angell
5 Critical IT KPIs That Will Improve With Evergreen IT

5 Critical IT KPIs That Will Improve With Evergreen IT

You may have heard that Evergreen IT is very beneficial as it increases your IT landscape's security and performance. You may have also heard that it lowers your ongoing IT maintenance costs. But how ...

Barry Angell
Q&As Flexera webinar blog post

Time Is Up For Windows 7 - How To Position Your Organization For Windows 10 And Beyond [Q&As]

  Last month, we partnered with Flexera to present the webinar entitled "Time is up for Windows 7: How to position your organization for Windows 10 and beyond" hosted by myself and Adam Jeffries, ...

Barry Angell