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6 Common Objections To Dashworks & How To Overcome Them

There is no question that undergoing an IT transformation project for thousands of assets is a massive undertaking. There are many ways you could tackle this — IT project managers have traditionally ...

Barry Angell

How To Set Up Self Service In Dashworks In A Few Easy Steps

There are a lot of factors that can determine the success of an enterprise IT migration project. These massive initiatives take a lot of planning, time, and money — and a lot can go wrong. One of the ...

Barry Angell

How You Can Shorten Your IT Migration Planning Phase From 7 Weeks To 7 Days

Are you dreading your next IT migration project because of all the overtime, late nights and short weekends that your team will face over the next months? Wouldn't it be nice if you could wave a ...

Barry Angell

One Secrect Weapon You Need In Your IT Migration Toolbelt: Self-Service Capabilities

Traditionally, large scale IT changes such as an operating system upgrade were a push from the IT team rather than a pull from the end user. IT departments made decisions when and how to handle ...

Barry Angell

How Dashworks Can Help You Save License Costs

Software migration projects, such as operating system upgrades, are often called "IT transformation projects" because they provide a unique opportunity to "transform" or streamline much more than ...

Barry Angell

3 Reasons Why Business Value Dashboards Are Crucial For Your IT Migration Projects

Data makes the world go round - but there is so much of it that is impossible to see connections and glean valuable insights without the proper tools. No wonder dashboarding and analytics have become ...

Julia Bell

The Top 8 Lessons Learnt For Server 2003 Migration

 With the Windows 2003 Server end of life time bomb now passed on July 14th 2015, we thought we would take the time to document our advice for Server 2003 migration project planning activities based ...

Barry Angell

Dashworks 3.0: Engage users in self-service desktop migration

Dashworks 3.0 - the enabler to self-service desktop migration Now it’s not been long since we brought you news of Dashworks 2.0 but we thought we’d kick 2013 off by telling you that Dashworks 3.0, ...

Barry Angell

Microsoft Showcases Dashworks In UK Deployment Centre Of Excellence

Microsoft's UK Deployment Centre of Excellence extends capability in managing enterprise level Windows 7 migration projects.

Barry Angell