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Tool Requirements For Optimal Windows-as-a-Service Management

(Updated: This article was updated in March 2018 to reflect the latest changes. Please also note that Microsoft has extended support for versions 1511, 1607, 1703, and 1709 for an additional 6 months ...

Barry Angell
Dashworks 5.1 blog post.png

Dashworks 5.1 - What You Need To Know

Juriba is proud to announce our first major product update of 2017: Dashworks 5.1! Having readied more than 5 million IT assets for migration across various enterprises, we continue to ...

Barry Angell
Boost IT Transformation blog.png

Boost Your IT Transformation Team's Productivity By 27% By Using Automation & Big Data

Today's enterprise IT organizations are faced with a problem that seems as impossible to solve as the Penrose triangle. With stagnant IT budgets and resource/investment challenges, it becomes ...

Barry Angell
How To Accelerate Windows 10 Upgrade Rollouts With Dashworks.png

How To Accelerate Windows 10 Upgrade Rollout With Dashworks

This article was updated in September 2018. Click here for an extensive overview of all Windows 10 Servicing related topics! A few months back, we wrote an article about the Windows 10 Servicing ...

Barry Angell

Dashworks Roadmap - 2017 & Beyond

Over the past year we have talked to hundreds of IT professionals. Some are enterprise IT project managers heading up large Windows 10 migration or Office 365 roll out projects, while others are CIOs ...

Barry Angell

Dashworks 5.0 - What You Need To Know

2016 has been a great year so far, first with Dashworks 4.3 released in June and now, just 4 months later, with Dashworks 5.0! After having readied for migration more than 5 million assets across ...

Barry Angell

44 Weeks, Not 124 — Expedite Your Enterprise's Windows 10 Migration

IT professionals don’t always have their preferred tools at their disposal. Sometimes this is because of budgetary issues. Sometimes it's simply because management has always done things a certain ...

Barry Angell

Dashworks Executive Reporting - Dashboarding

Let me ask you a question. How would it make you feel if your boss, a line of business manager or C-level management was to walk into your office right now or send you a quick email saying "Hi, can ...

Barry Angell

Dashworks 4.3 - What You Need To Know

When migrating your end users to Office 365 or Windows 10, or whilst delivering any other major IT transformation project, it pays to have the right tools in place to help you get the job done as ...

Barry Angell

How HPE Uses Dashworks To Deliver Windows 10 Readiness Assessment & Strategy Services

Windows 10 poses one of the greatest challenges for IT organizations when it comes to rethinking how we manage end user IT. It delivers the operating system as Software-as-a-Service to every device ...

Barry Angell

Juriba and BDNA Partner to Deliver Market-Leading Best-in-Class IT Project Management Software for Windows 10 Migration

  LONDON  -- (June, 3, 2016) –Juriba today announced its partnership with BDNA® Corporation, the leader in delivering the industry’s most authoritative enterprise IT data. Through this strategic ...

Clio Ionni

Garbage In, Garbage Out: How Juriba & BDNA Solve The Data Quality Problem In IT Transformation Projects

In many enterprises, the problem of application sprawl or 'shadow IT' as it is becoming known is a serious issue for many IT managers. If IT is unaware of, or has not authorized certain IT-related ...

Barry Angell