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Dashworks Enterprise: Many Use Cases — One License To Manage Them All

Many times, after I give a demo, prospects get excited about the many different scenarios they can manage with Dashworks. All of a sudden, ideas come to life. "We could piggyback a hardware refresh ...

Barry Angell

How We Mathematically Calculate Deployment Rings For Maximum Velocity

A few years back, a tech consultant won a few eBay auctions he was bidding on and found himself the owner of 2 tons of LEGO pieces overnight. He developed and built a GPU-based neural network to ...

Neil Wheeler
ServiceNow connector blog

Juriba Launches ServiceNow Connector For Dashworks

At Juriba, we know how important it is to work with, and action accurate, up-to-date data during your IT transformation project or BAU change activity. This is why our product, Dashworks, uses ...

Barry Angell
Training academy blog (1)

Announcing The Juriba Training Academy

At Juriba, we believe all our customers deserve access to valuable and free education on our products.

Barry Angell
Dashworks updates 2018

Every Dashworks Update in 2018

2018 was the busiest year for our development team here at Juriba so we thought it might be useful to put out a summary of the major changes. As customer requests for functionality grow so does the ...

Clio Ionni
Dashworks 5.3 blog

Dashworks 5.3 - What You Need To Know

We are excited to introduce you to the latest version of Dashworks, 5.3! After an extensive set of customer feedback sessions, our development team has been focusing on improving the capacity/booking ...

Barry Angell

Pillsbury Law Gets Praise For Smooth Windows 10 Migration & Hardware Refresh From Its VIP Lawyers & Staff

With Windows 7 approaching end of support in January 2020, most enterprises are accelerating plans to migrate to Windows 10 in 2018 to take advantage of the new or improved cyber-security ...

Barry Angell

How To Streamline Your Office 365 Migration / Update Rollout In 7 Steps With Juriba Dashworks

Rolling out Office 365 can be very exciting considering the value it will add to your organization in terms of unified communication, collaboration, and business processes! But it can be equally ...

Barry Angell
Dashworks 5.2 blog

Dashworks 5.2 - What You Need To Know

We are excited to introduce you to the latest version of Dashworks, 5.2! This release was focussed on improving the user reporting experience and building out some Evergreen project management ...

Barry Angell

Microsoft Windows Analytics (Upgrade Readiness) vs. Juriba Dashworks (Updated 4/12/18)

One of the most frequent questions we get when we talk to potential customers about tooling is: "What about Microsoft Upgrade Readiness? How does Dashworks compare to that?" It's a very valid ...

Barry Angell

Why Throwing More People At Your IT Migration Problem Won't Solve The Issue

This article was also published on The Technology Record magazine here. You know you are in a pickle when you are six months into your migration project and you still haven’t gotten any numbers on ...

Barry Angell
Enterprise Windows 10 Migration Assessment- Real-World Findings from the Front Lines.png

Enterprise Windows 10 Migration Assessment: Real-World Findings from the Front Lines

According to the latest Gartner Report, 85% of enterprises are planning to migrate to Windows 10 by the end of 2017. I think this number won't pan out to be that high because realistically, IT ...

Barry Angell