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Juriba integrates with PingFederate to authenticate, validate, and assign role membership to the Juriba Platform

In today's digital landscape, ensuring robust security while offering an employee-friendly experience is essential. Authentication, validation, and role membership are cornerstones of a secure and efficient employee experience. It's crucial to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data and services. This process, while vital, can sometimes be cumbersome, leading to a less-than-ideal user journey.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Ping Identity to deliver a simplified, yet secure experience with out-of-the-box role-based access that can be managed centrally. Juriba now seamlessly integrates with PingFederate to authenticate, validate, and assign role membership to the Juriba Platform, reducing manual processes and profile synchronization.

Why Ping Identity’s PingFederate?

Our latest collaboration with Ping Identity, specifically integrating with PingFederate, improves how users access our services. By adopting PingFederate, we allow users to authenticate themselves through a robust Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, which adheres to OpenID Connect Identity standards. This means a more streamlined and secure authentication process, enhancing both user experience and data protection.

Enhanced security

Security is paramount, and our integration with PingFederate bolsters the layers of protection for your data and services. The combined power of Single Sign-On (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and PingFederate's capabilities fortify data security.

By embracing PingFederate, the Juriba Platform can effortlessly tap into third-party data sources and user directories, ensuring precise user identification and authentication. Industry standards like OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, and WS-Federation are seamlessly integrated, providing a unified and stringent security framework.

Improved employee experience

Enhancing employee experience is a priority for us. With this integration, we simplify user journeys by eliminating repetitive login processes. Your employees can enjoy the convenience of accessing the Juriba Platform applications and services seamlessly.

This integration further empowers enterprise organizations by centralizing user authentication through PingFederate. This streamlines the management of role mappings and access control, reducing the overhead of multiple identity management platforms. Administrators can easily manage access control through their existing PingFederate environment, outside of the Juriba Platform, simplifying their tasks.

Scalability and flexibility

Business growth demands adaptable solutions. The integration with PingFederate extends our identity management support to accommodate growing and increasingly complex user bases and evolving business requirements. This partnership enables faster configuration and the ability to scale services and stay agile in a dynamic environment.

Real-World Use Cases

While specific examples vary, our collaboration with Ping Identity has been put to the test in real-world scenarios. This combined solution has successfully enhanced security, improved user experiences, and enabled businesses to achieve their objectives.

Implementation and best practices

It's important to ensure a seamless and successful deployment, and our resources provide practical guidance, best practices, and tips to assist you every step of the way if you’re looking to incorporate the Juriba Platform with Ping identity and take advantage of this integration.

Our comprehensive documentation offers a step-by-step guide to implementation.

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